Robosoldiers: Thank You for Your Servos

So I’ve been busy with learning a new job and discovering a new geographic location. Subsequently, I haven’t been focused on writing or keeping up my website. However, I just got my contributor’s copies of Robosoldiers: Thank You for Your Servos. I’m excited to share the table of contents with a giant of the military SF field, David Drake. I’ve had the pleasure to meet him several times and have communicated with him over the past several years. The anthology will be available in June.

The editor, Stephen Lawson, wanted stories from veterans based on AI or robotics with a focus on our military specialties. My story, “Higher Ground,” leveraged my communications background and experiences in Afghanistan. I also freely stole some details from my father’s time in Vietnam. The relationship between an NCO and an officer is more important and complex than most outside the military understand.

The risk of writing any near future SF is the likelihood that reality will outpace the publishing schedule. Since I wrote “Higher Ground” our troops were withdrawn from Afghanistan and the US Army selected a new weapon, XM5, to replace the M4. I guess we’ll see if either of these are permanent. The story is based in my Fighting Machines universe. So I better get that novel finished soon before its story line is overcome by events.

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