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Every young gamer and comic book fan thinks they can create what they see in their imagination. Not all should, but everyone must try. I did. And I prefer to think of the exuberance displayed in the sketches if not expertise.


I never cared much for Conan, but this sketch began in the margins of Psych 101 class notes. I like the action.

Earth is an Only Child

I wanted to have a universe where humans were the big, ugly, scary beasts. I'm working on this concept for my Earth is an Only Child setting. The little guy playing cards is an homage to Walt Kelly.

Ranger and barbarian

Gambit and Carrion (the barbarian). Gambit existed before Marvel created a character of the same name. But Marvel wins.

Driver and souped up car

The Mad Max movies were an inspiration to a generation.

Knight on horse

This one was drawn so that I didn't have to sketch the horse which was beyond my ability. (And still is.) And don't notice that jousting helms didn't swivel.

Better stuff is out there:

Peter Bradley at Ravenchilde Illustrations (Especially a print he's titled "The Huntress" which is a perfect match to my story "Needle Child." But Galaxy Press decides who does the illustrations.)

Scott and Victoria Nemmers

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