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Phobos Awards -- NYC 21 October 2004

Photo of 3rd Phobos Award Winners: M.T. Reiten, David Barr Kirtley, Daniel Conover, and David Walton

Left to Right: Me, David Barr Kirtley ("Veil of Ignorance"), Daniel Conover ("Golden Town"), and David Walton ("All the Rage this Year")

Had an excellent time. Sandra Schulberg, President of Phobos Entertainment, threw the after ceremony party. Met John Ordover, Editor-in-Chief of Phobos Books, and Keith Olexa, editor of All the Rage this Year. Among the others attending were Lynn Prentiss, literary agent; Ken Perlin, contest judge and computer scientist; JayJay Jackson, cover artist; and Kim McCarthy, artist.

Afterward, I went out with Daniel Conover and Janet, his wife. For a city that never sleeps, we had a hard time finding a beer after 1:00 am.

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