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"Don't mistake SF for prophecy; it's possibility and consequence."

Published Fiction

  • "Wild Corner" to Speculative Story Bites, edited by Sarena Ulibari
  • "Last Resort Pioneers" to Mission Mars: Building Red, edited by Janet Cannon, an anthology about colonizing Mars.
  • "The Demons of Witmer Hall" to The Change: Tales of Downfall and Rebirth, edited by S. M. Stirling
  • "How Savio Arcaini Came by His Sword" in Fantastical Visions Vol. IV, edited by William H. Horner III.
  • "St. Cyrus Ray and the Lunar Yumbies" in Houston, We Got Bubbas, edited by Selina Rosen, Yard Dog Press. The fourth in the acclaimed Bubbas of the Apocalypse series of anthologies.
  • "Supercargo" in Baen's Universe, a great e-zine edited by Eric Flint available in Issue 2, August 06 and now available for free online.
  • "High Wire" in Running the Line: Stories of the Space Elevator from the Clarke-Bradbury International Science Fiction Competition, edited by Bradley Edwards and David Raitt.  This was a case of submission to a contest, no notification, and surprise publication.
  • "Grunge the Dissatisfied" Flush Fiction from Yard Dog Press. Not only is it a great collection of flash fiction pieces, it's also for a good cause.
  • "Larry and Joe Bob Do Asscrackistan" International House of Bubbas,edited by Selina Rosen, Yard Dog Press, Dec 05.
  • "Needle Child" Writers of the Future Vol. XXI, edited by Algis Budrys, Galaxy Press, Sep 05. (WotF award)
  • "The Thinking Part is Me" F/SF, edited by David Bain, Cyber-Pulp Books, Jun 05, but not at that price!
  • "Two Rooms and All the Electricity You Can Eat" All the Rage This Year, edited by Keith Olexa, Phobos Books, Oct 04 (Phobos award)
  • "Oaken Memory" PanGaia Magazine Issue 37 Nov 03/Feb 04

    Accepted Fiction




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