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University of North Dakota: BS Physics, BSEE Electrical Engineering, and BSEP Engineering Physics

Argonne National Labs: I spent a semester and a summer during 1990 working at Argonne National Labs on High Tc Superconductors. I was entirely a lab monkey, running sample after sample in the sputtering system, tweaking oxygen content and trying to make good thermal contact. I really must thank Dr. Ken Gray for his patience. And thanks also to Dr. Jeremy Grace who proved a good guy, despite my best efforts. The other REU students made the experience unique and supremely enjoyable. Donovan, Lara, Helen, and the rest.

Cornell Supercomputing Center: Spent a great summer learning to program in parallel/vectorized FORTRAN on an IBM 3090 way back in 1989. I worked with Dr. Bill Schwalm who was a brilliant if demanding instructor.

Graduate School

Rice University: MS Applied Physics Thesis: Broadband UV Light Generated via Sum Frequency Mixing

Dr. Naomi Halas: My advisor at Rice.


Graduate School Again

Oklahoma State University: Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering (focusing on THz Research) Dissertation: Spatially Resolved Terahertz Propagation.

Dr. Alan Cheville: My advisor at OSU. We were grad students together under Dr. Halas at Rice University before my departure into military service.

REAL LIFE--Case study and team learning approach to teaching engineering.

Terahertz Simulation

High Paying Industry Job

Not going to name names.  Advice: When you go to work for a company, find out if there is a product and how much of the company income is from the product.

Postdoc at LANL

Los Alamos National Laboratory:  I have steadily been going to lower and lower frequencies, but New Mexico is great.

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