M. T. Reiten’s Blog (back after a long hiatus…sorta)



  • Bubonicon — Albuquerque, NM. My new home con .  Some say there’s the highest per captia of pro SF writers in NM than anywhere else.
  • FenCon — Dallas, TX.  A well run con.
  • ConDFW — Dallas, TX.
  • Apollocon — Houston, TX. Can’t say enough good things about the con com.
  • Conestoga — Tulsa, OK. May it also be remembered fondly.


Publishers of Note

  • Yard Dog Press — Selina Rosen is a force of nature and a professional editor (and writer). YDP is by her own account a micro-press, but she’s taking the chances big publishers won’t.
  • Phobos Books — Had been running the Phobos Awards.
  • Fantasist Enterprises —Publishers of Fantastical Visions anthologies. Nice books with great production values.



  • K. D. Wentworth — I’ll miss her.
  • Victor Milan — Author of The Cybernetic Samurai that changed my writing and world philosophy when I first read it.  His last books were an epic fantasy trilogy Dinosaur Lords/Knights/Princess! Dinosaurs and knights! How could you beat that! I’ll miss him too.
  • Ian Tregillis — Currently finished his Alchemy Wars trilogy. Also a fellow scientist.
  • Melinda Snodgrass — A dynamic and wonderful author and screenwriter.
  • S. M. Stirling — I read his The Peshawar Lancers  while deployed to Afghanistan and joined his writing group in New Mexico a number of years later.
  • Alexis Glynn Latner — My mentor while in Houston and responsible for my first sale to PanGaia.
  • Rhonda Eudaly — A fellow neo-pro writer who has been wonderful during our first collaborative effort.
  • Scott and Victoria Nemmers — Friends from way back at UND (and before).
  • Amy Sisson — Also a neo-pro writer who has made her mark in the Strange New Worlds anthologies.
  • Cat Sparks — Just published her first novel Blue Lotus!
  • E. E. Giorgi — A talented photographer and author. Also a fellow scientist.



  • Ralan’s Webstravaganza — a must for any aspiring author.
  • SFWA — Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. The organization that decides who is pro or not. Lots of good stuff for writers even if not a member.
  • OSFW — Oklahoma Science Fiction Writers.


Other Stuff

  • Stone Soup Films — Connected with this artistic effort through Tony Bruno who actually got me writing in high school. Interesting short films.
  • Starlion — Was involved in the process when this comic book was originally conceived as a novel.