University of North Dakota: BS Physics, BSEE Electrical Engineering, and BSEP Engineering Physics

Argonne National Labs: I spent a semester and a summer during 1990 working at Argonne National Labs on High Tc Superconductors. I was entirely a lab monkey, running sample after sample in the sputtering system, tweaking oxygen content and trying to make good thermal contact. I really must thank Dr. Ken Gray for his patience. And thanks also to Dr. Jeremy Grace who proved a good guy, despite my best efforts. The other REU students made the experience unique and supremely enjoyable. Donovan, Lara, Helen, and the rest.

Cornell Supercomputing Center: Spent a great summer learning to program in parallel/vectorized FORTRAN on an IBM 3090 way back in 1989. I worked with Dr. Bill Schwalm who was a brilliant if demanding instructor.

Graduate School

Rice University: MS Applied Physics Thesis: Broadband UV Light Generated via Sum Frequency Mixing

Dr. Naomi Halas: My advisor at Rice.

Graduate School Again

Oklahoma State University: Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering (focusing on THz Research) Dissertation: Spatially Resolved Terahertz Propagation.

Dr. Alan Cheville: My advisor at OSU. We were grad students together under Dr. Halas at Rice University before my departure into military service.

REAL LIFE–Case study and team learning approach to teaching engineering.

Terahertz Simulation

High Paying Industry Job

Not going to name names.  Advice: When you go to work for a company, find out if there is a product and how much of the company income is from the product.

Postdoc and Staff at LANL

Los Alamos National Laboratory:  I have steadily been going to lower and lower frequencies, but New Mexico is great. Although Los Alamos National Laboratory does not endorse or approve, but calmly tolerates my writing endeavors.