My first professional sale was “Two Rooms and All the Electricity You Can Eat” to Phobos Books for the anthology All the Rage this Year(ISBN 0-9720026-5-0).

“Phobos Books slides down the razor’s edge of science fiction with All the Rage this Year, the third in our Phobos Award series of disturbing, mind-bending, reality-twisting stories by the stars of science fiction’s next generation. Chosen by a jury led by best-selling author Orson Scott Card, these 12 stories blast to universal heights, then plunge into the darkest, most secret places of the human psyche. In the tradition of convention-shattering anthologies like Harlan Ellison’s Dangerous Visions, All the Rage this Year is a door into the future of science fiction itself.”

You can purchase the trade paperback from or other online bookseller. You can also request your local bookstore to order it, but check in the stacks first. My local Hastings had one on order.

Phobos Web site

The other winning authors were Virginia Baker, Susan Fry, Nancy Fulda, Eric Griffin, Julie Hyzy, Lane Robins, Eric James Stone, and David Walton, as well as previous Phobos Award winners Daniel Conover, David Barr Kirtley and James Maxey.

The panel of judges included

  • Orson Scott Card, Hugo and Nebula Award winning author
  • Jeanne Cavelos, writer, editor, scientist, and teacher; former director of the Odyssey workshop
  • Doug Chiang, artist and designer, recently for Star Wars Episodes I & II
  • Dr. Stanley Schmidt, physicist and editor of Analog
  • Ken Perlin, computer scientist and special Oscar winner for “Perlin Noise,” a CGI texturing technique
  • Eleanor Wood, founder of Spectrum Literary Agency